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Hundreds of personal beekeeping experiences are spread across the web with incredibly valuable information. By collecting these personal beekeeping experiences, we created this site to provide you with the sequential steps to become a beekeeper. The world needs beekeepers now more than ever due to the decline of honey bee populations around the world.

According to BBC, bee populations in the US declined by 23% last winter. But it's not too late to help the bees and make some honey on the side.

Beekeepers are some of the best animal caretakers in the world. And let's face it - raising honey bees is rewarding. Not only are you going to be enjoying delicious sweet honey and other useful byproducts, but there is something endearing about watching your family of bees grow from only a few hundred to a few thousand. But to make that happen, you need the knowledge only expert beekeepers have accumulated. How 2 Bee spent thousands of hours getting expert beekeeper knowledge into your hands.

Beekeeping isn't an activity solely for experts. It's quite simple to become a beekeeper as long as you have the guidance from the experts!

Anyone can do beekeeping, but people often get confused when they don't know a clear path on how to get started. Three simple steps will take you from planning for your bees, to getting everything set up, to handling them on a daily basis.

If you've ever dreamed of making your own honey, learning about bees' intriguing behavior up-close, or even raising your own bee family, then you should take a second to explore our sequential steps to become a beekeeper today!

Urban Beekeeping: Even in the city?

People living in cities and suburban areas often believe that they can't become beekeepers. This is simply not true! In fact, it's the opposite! Many urban beekeepers will get a greater honey yield than rural beekeepers because of the minimal amount of pesticides used in cities.

This also makes it easier to avoid problems like Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), as pesticides create a load of problems for bees. Urban beekeeping can be found in Rome, Montreal, Sydney, Tokyo, Berlin, and even New York (and these are only a few of the hotspots to become a successful urban beekeeper nowadays).

That's where How 2 Bee comes in. All of the information on How 2 Bee was gathered from academic, governmental, or other reliable sources and the content is designed to be both informative and easy-to-read. How 2 Bee spent months accumulating only the best beekeeping sources to supply you with the most reliable information so that you can be sure you're starting beekeeping on the right track.

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